grab rail

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grab bar

grab bar
A hand grip, usually installed in a shower, which may be used for steadying oneself.
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His left hand became trapped between the platform's grab rail and the underside of a crane cab.
They are suitable as grab rails or for guards, covers, inspection panels, e.
Topside, forward is a sun pad and stainless steel grab rail.
At the back, Suzuki has infused sportiness in form of a split grab rail and LED tail lamps.
Savage Coalition cuts to social services mean older patients wait nearly four weeks for changes, such as a grab rail or ramp.
The Pulsar 150NS is likely to come with features like aluminium number plate holder and a split grab rail along with 100/90 cross section rear tyre and single seat.
The eight seater RIB boat is equipped with a stand-up double console, raised windshield, raised Stainless Steel grab rail, large dash board enough to install all gauges, switches, remote control, and steering wheel.
The riding position feels relaxed and natural, and pillions are kept happy with a comfortable seat and integrated grab rail.
co-operative Xest offer items that offer the freedom to go out without worrying about falling over, simple products that can make bathing safer like a step to get into the bath or a grab rail in the shower.
Sparta supplies Honda with wedge lamps and grab rail lamp assemblies.
The Aviator features a muscular metallic front look, front chrome cover, console cover garnish, stylised halogen powered headlamp, garnished instrumental panel, sweeping side indicators, body-coloured grab rail, 3D Wings emblem, telescopic suspension, five spoke 12 inch silver alloy wheels, a wide seat and optional 190mm front disc brakes.
The pillion has motorcycle-type footpegs and a nicely integrated grab rail.