grade school

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elementary school, grade school

An educational institution which offers instruction usually from the first year through the sixth or eighth year of schooling.
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More vandalism was reported Wednesday morning at a grade school near where the car burglary occurred and which is near one suspect's home, the detective said.
Enhanced with a timeline of the voyage, a chronological list of Darwin's life and works, a glossary, and an index, Inside The Beagle With Charles Darwin is a seminal and strongly recomended addition to all grade school and community library Science History collections for children.
Area families with Pre-Kindergarten age 3 through grade school students should attend.
LANCASTER - Westside Union School District trustees have approved the district's first charter school, a teacher-run kindergarten-through-second grade school that will offer smaller class sizes.
However, the archdiocesan superintendent of schools keeps all parish grade school teachers' records, the archdiocese provides their medical insurance, and an archdiocesan council sets salary parameters for all parish grade school teachers.
Each team consists of five to seven students in grade school, middle school or high school, said Karen Anderson, the competition's state director.
The individual titles comprising this outstanding and enthusiastically recommended series (which is especially ideal for inclusion into both grade school and community library Sports/Athletics collections for children) include: AFC East; AFC North; AFC South; AFC West; NFC East; NFC North; NFC South; and NFC West.
My daughter has learned much at her grade school about Jackie Robinson and Harriet Tubman, but she has not heard a word about Jesus Christ, or Saint Paul, or Muhammad, or Buddha, or Confucius.
A clear pictorial summation of the math solutions is provided at the end of this enthusiastically recommended picture book which is an ideal addition to homeschool, community library, and grade school library collections.
The high school district last year approved the Henry Hearns Charter School of Excellence in Littlerock, with about 160 students in kindergarten through eighth grade school.