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elementary school, grade school

An educational institution which offers instruction usually from the first year through the sixth or eighth year of schooling.
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A noticeable exception is observed in the number of marked packages in narratives, where gradeschoolers produce more textual markers, on the one hand, and adults produce far fewer such markers.
Gradeschoolers and junior high students produced a very limited variety of markers, especially in their written texts, while highschoolers and adults produced markers in all ten categories.
It's increasingly common for districts to enlist junior-and senior-high students to serve as mentors and "teachers for the day" for gradeschoolers.
Speaking of science-fair spin-offs, the Des Moines, Iowa, district recently launched an annual history fair for gifted and talented gradeschoolers.
Improving the nonfiction literacy skills of gradeschoolers and giving them a lively reading experience are the goals of National Geographic's two new classroom reading programs.
Inmates break out help for gradeschoolers Vonda White started her career as a preschool teacher.