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However, another graffitist working with Abo Bakr felt that the issue was more important than a clash of personalities: "We have remained quiet for two years and did not comment on any of the issues going on between Egypt's revolutionary artist-community and Mia Grondahl.
Furthermore, working with the graffitist to recreate an uncommissioned piece to comply with regulations is not a viable option because graffitists remain largely elusive--not surprising considering that they are engaging in an illegal act of trespass.
Happily this memento, one of the few unofficial records of ordinary Library staff, remains immortalized, though it is now off-limits to all, even to budding graffitists.
A graffitist with a longer war service record was library attendant Raymond Francis Bell, who was first employed at the library in 1938, the date appearing after his name in the Dome.
The insider may be of two types -- individual graffitists or graffitists scribing for a gang.
Most of the new employees are from outside the area, but there are enough local scabs to keep the graffitists busy.
At the end of the book (where Macdonald gives space for interviewee feedback) this assertion is hotly contested by male graffitists, as if surprised that their subculture is so typical of the mainstream in this respect; but the lone female voice supports Macdonald's claims.
Of course, smoke from candles and oil lamps, the depredations of graffitists and hooligans, may interpose a screen of decay between the viewer and the fresco.
Gallery), while Village versions of the big-time neo-expressionists showed alongside the graffitists and folk primitivists at Gracie Mansion, FUN, and Civilian Warfare.
All the old road signs seem to have been effaced by adolescent graffitists or rewritten in extraterrestrial hieroglyphs by ivory-tower academicians whose heads swirl about in a starry semiological firmament.
Clinton's Mothership futurism was as much a utopian response to the '70s ghetto as the Buck Rogers futurism of early hip-hop, with its synthesizer-driven anthems like "Planet Rock," its glammy space-age outfits like those of the Fearless Four, and its graffitists like Futura 2000.
Monsieur Chat--known in the US as, simply, (C)--is a French graffitist and founder of the artists' collective CHAT (Harmonious Community of Taciturn Artists).