grand piano

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grand piano

a form of piano in which the strings are arranged horizontally. Grand pianos exist in three sizes (see baby grand, boudoir grand, concert grand)

Grand Piano


a stringed, percussion keyboard instrument; a variety of the pianoforte. The strings, soundboard, and mechanism are placed horizontally. The grand piano is wing-shaped, conforming to the graduated length of the strings, which are attached to the body: the shorter the string, the higher the note; the longer the string, the lower the note.

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March wanted to talk of her father with the old man who had not forgotten him, Meg longed to walk in the conservatory, Beth sighed for the grand piano.
Timpson advanced toward his daughter's fortune did not suffice for the purchase of handsome furniture, together with a stock of wine, a grand piano, and the laying out of a superior flower-garden, it followed in the most rigorous manner, either that these things must be procured by some other means, or else that the Rev.
SHE's the one that knows her own mind," said Pinky, brother to Skim Winsh, and a Napoleon among carters who had helped to bring the grand piano across the fields in the autumn rains.
To simulate the complex and multi-faceted sound of an acoustic piano in a digital hybrid piano, the GP-500BP and GP-300 pianos feature Casio's AiR Sound Source and are based on countless hours of precise analysis of not just one, but three of the world's finest grand pianos.
Bechstein grand pianos, and a new unique action mechanism that delivers the right hammer movement, which has a big impact on the playing response of a grand piano.
Contract notice: Purchase decor and concert grand pianos.
The collection of 62 new Steinway pianos includes 19 grand pianos, one concert grand and 18 upright pianos.
If we someday end up in Vegas, and Pacman Jones and his group of closets friends happen to get behind us in the same Circus Circus buffet line, and he takes out a wad of large bills because he decides it's time to tip the busboys, would it be proper etiquette for us to drop our plates at that very moment and run like a Siegfried and Roy's white tiger as fast as we could toward the Liberace Museum in order to curl up in a ball under one of those grand pianos until the champagne bottles stop flying?
He also sold five of the Kawai's limited edition grand pianos for the company's 75th anniversary -a UK record.
We are buying fewer but better instruments: Nearly twice as many grand pianos were sold in 2002 as in 1974.
The smaller plates are cast via green sand molding, while plates used in the larger concert grand pianos are produced via nobake.
also writes about pinching grand pianos out of houses.