grandfather clause

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grandfather clause,

provision in constitutions (adopted 1895–1910) of seven post–Reconstruction Southern states that exempted those persons who had been eligible to vote on Jan. 1, 1867, and their descendants from rigid economic and literacy requirements for voting. Since African Americans had not yet been enfranchised on that date, the provision effectively barred them from the polls while granting voting rights to poor and illiterate whites. Such provisions were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1915. The term grandfather clause is now applied to any kind of legal exemption based on prior status.
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The grandfather clause discussed above does not apply to the multiple tax moratorium.
Then, using historical parameters, we show that the value of the option to switch between bond classes and the value of the grandfather clause have nontrivial magnitudes.
Amending state regulations to abolish a grandfather clause for pre-1957 oil wells and pits in the 100-year flood plain would go a long way toward alleviating the problem, PC&E officials believe.
The grandfather clause excluded from reporting and monitoring requirements short positions on stocks prior to the time these stocks were included in a threshold list of stocks with substantial short positions.
Schirmbeck said his concern with Hall's bill focused on its so-called grandfather clause that would allow cities with existing red light camera contracts to continue those arrangements until the contracts expire.
This bill would remove that grandfather clause, invalidating longstanding city ordinances, including laws in Charleston that enable police to conduct criminal background checks on handgun sales and prohibit guns in parks and recreation facilities.
A grandfather clause, according to Wikipedia, "is a provision in which an old rule continues to apply to some existing situations, while a new rule will apply to all future cases.
In addition, in its ANPRM for gas transmission lines, PHMSA has stated that it is considering eliminating the grandfather clause and has requested public comments on removing it from the federal safety regulations.
444 Madison's signage represents an existing non-conforming use and is permissible under a grandfather clause in the law.
A grandfather clause allows all current HUBZone areas to remain in the program until 2010 census figures are released.
Franco exercised his right-of-refusal option based on a contract with a grandfather clause he signed with the St.
FAAA imposed various requirements on wine labels and included a grandfather clause for holders of a Certificate of Label Approval, which exempts them from prohibitions on the use of appellations of origin in brand names for wines.