Crohn's disease

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Crohn's disease:

see colitiscolitis,
inflammation of the colon, or large intestine. The term "colitis" may be used to refer to any of a number of disorders involving the colon. Symptoms include diarrhea (often with blood and mucus), abdominal pain, and fever.
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Crohn's disease

[′krōnz diz‚ēz]
Chronic inflammation of the colon and stomach of unknown etiology that involves the full thickness of the intestinal wall, often with bowel narrowing and obstruction of the lumen. It is usually accompanied by granulomas; and abdominal cramps, alteration of bowel function, and diminished food intake are common.
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Boxers and French Bulldogs with biopsy-confirmed granulomatous colitis (GC) or histolytic ulcerative colitis.
It may be an ocular hypersensitivity reaction as a complication of the granulomatous colitis (autoimmune mechanism).

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