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virtually transparent, highly conductive carbon material in which the atoms are organized into a honeycomblike arrangement and form a thin sheet that is one atom thick. Andre GeimGeim, Sir Andre Konstantinovich,
1958–, Russian-born Dutch physicist, Ph.D. Russian Academy of Sciences, 1987. He was a professor at the Univ. of Nijmegen in the Netherlands from 1994 to 2001, when he joined the faculty at the Univ. of Manchester, England.
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 and Konstantin NovoselovNovoselov, Sir Konstantin Sergeevich,
1974–, Russian-British physicist, Ph.D. Univ. of Nijmegen, Netherlands, 2004. He has been a research associate at the Univ. of Manchester, England, since 2001.
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 won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery of the material (2004) and experiments concerning its properties. The structure and properties of graphene make it suitable for a broad range of applications, and it is being investigated for possible use in such products as smart displays, ultrafast transistors, tough composites, and quantum-dot computers. Some of the material's unique properties—electrons move through graphene like massless waves—also have allowed physicists to use simple benchtop laboratory equipment, rather than expensive telescopes and particle accelerators, to test quantum mechanical predictions, and it has been used to contain liquids for for study with electron microscopes.


(1) See also grapheme.

(2) A carbon layer one atom thick derived from the mineral graphite. Looking like chicken wire and considered a 2D material, graphene is naturally found as layers making up graphite. The graphene layers are separated by various exfoliation methods.

Extraordinary Properties
Graphene's mechanical, electrical, optical, thermal and chemical properties are outstanding, and it has been touted as a "miracle material." The 2D sheets can be layered together, fabricated into wires (nanoribbons), flakes, disk-shaped platelets or quantum dots for many applications. In addition, graphene can be added to metals, ceramics, plastics and rubber to make products stronger, lighter, more heat resistant or more flexible.

As the most conductive material on the planet, in time, graphene is expected to supplant silicon in electronics fabrication; however, hurdles must be overcome. For example, graphene has no bandgap; the most essential semiconductor attribute. See bandgap.

Graphene is expected to be a foundation nanotechnology component that revolutionizes industries and future products. See nanotube and nanotechnology.

A 2D Graphene Layer
Resembling chicken wire, graphene layers are separated from graphite.

Graphene - From Soup to Nuts
Ron Mertens' Graphene Handbook educates the reader from the ground up about graphene's properties, shapes, uses and potential. A must read for anyone who wants to truly learn about this amazing material. For more information, visit
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