graphic novel

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graphic novel:

see comic stripcomic strip,
combination of cartoon with a story line, laid out in a series of pictorial panels across a page and concerning a continuous character or set of characters, whose thoughts and dialogues are indicated by means of "balloons" containing written speech.
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Jan-Noel Thon's essay about "Who's Telling the Tale" applies Gerard Genette's theories about narration to a discussion of the complexities of graphic narration, including the narrative influence of the several people who are usually involved in the construction of a graphic novel as opposed to a prose work, which is usually the product of a single author.
The bold attitude of BACARDEi even extends to the way in which the graphic novel was created.
During the last 20 years it has become increasingly acceptable to include graphic novels in the literary cannon.
Other charts and graphs found throughout the book also help to clarify the author's arguments, but Watchmen as Literature would have benefitted from having more panels pulled directly from the graphic novel, as it is difficult at times to comprehend certain portions of the text without the source material in plain sight to reference.
The illustrations in the graphic novel bear an uncanny resemblance to the ghastly events that played out during a midnight showing of "The Dark Night Rises" on Friday.
The authors discuss these creators and their literary corpora in detail, exploring, for example, the manners in which stereotyping and parody (both visual and textual) can be employed for narrative purposes (Brunner), what's gained and lost when a classic work like Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is adapted to a graphic novel in a contemporary setting (Finlayson), or how conventional narrative elements can be disrupted for rhetorical effect using visual as well as literary devices (Baker).
As artist Kareem Ahmed said, "We all hope that one day, everyone will hold a comic or graphic novel in their hand.
This is not to say that every graphic novel is useful in this capacity.
For traditionalists, the graphic novel is never going to be a genre that attracts them, but teachers are now given guidelines on how to introduce it to the curriculum.
George Galuschak started his library's graphic novel collection six years ago.
But with ``300,'' director Zack Snyder aims to put a little looseness back into the sword-and-sandals genre, much in the same way that Frank Miller (``Sin City'') did with his graphic novel of the same name.
The company said that eight graphic novel publishers, four anime manufacturers and two video game manufacturers are represented on the site, which is thought to be the first store to sell all available yaoi merchandise exclusively.