grass cloth

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grass cloth, China grass cloth

A loosely woven fabric of vegetable fibers; used for wall covering.
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5 -- 12 -- color) Wallpaper's newest cast of characters includes toiles, plaids, roosters, grass cloth and faux plaster finishes by Waverly, Brewster, International and Westchester.
Woven textural fabrics adorn the furniture, while the walls feature a mixture of designs and fabrics, including Madagascar grass cloth and a collection of vintage shell prints.
A separate lounge continues the oriental feel and incorporates luxuriant grass cloth panelling to the walls.
GRAND ENTRANCE With lacquered white grass cloth finish, silver nail heads and ring pulls, this entry hall console ($995) is a showstopper in the front window at Seaside Chic and the store's best seller.
Grass cloth made from natural materials of grasses, bamboo, sisal is also popular.
Here, grass cloth paper gives a neutral colour tone with added depth and richness coming from the texture.
Features include leather writing desks, tables with bamboo-shoot accents, sheer textured drapes, stained natural woods, handmade Asian Grass Cloth wallpaper and leather wall accents.
Examples of treatments include antique leather, such as Paragon Picture's vintage faux-leather framed mirrors, which have a sophisticated air and masculine appeal; and Phoenix Galleries' tumbled marble tile sections mounted on a mat with a grass cloth outer matting and a detailed, carved wooden frame.
Avoid tricky patterns whose designs have to be aligned and papers like grass cloth and foil--because of their texture, they require more specialized skills to paste effectively
Wallpaper companies have always produced eco-friendly wallpapers such as naturally textured sea grass, bamboo, grass cloth, silk, burlap and jute -- but only for the high-end of the market.
On the walls she's added texture and colour with polished plaster in the kitchen, grass cloth on the walls of the living room and wallpaper in the bedroom.
That's the case with grass cloth, the chic--and cost-saving--alternative to faux-finished ceilings and walls.