grass tree

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grass tree

1. any plant of the Australian genus Xanthorrhoea, having a woody stem, stiff grasslike leaves, and a spike of small white flowers: family Xanthorrhoeaceae. Some species produce fragrant resins
2. any of several similar Australasian plants

Grass Tree


any one treelike monocotyledonous plant of the genus Xanthorrhoea. In a broader sense, a special life-form to which are assigned the genera Xanthorrhoea, Kingia, Dasypo-gon, and Pandanus. (The first three genera are in the family Xanthorrhoeaceae.)

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It can exert a certain effect on weeds, including such as field horsetail, lalang, grass tree and bamboo tree, which are difficult to control.
This absurd plant, called the grass tree, specialises in surviving the fires that periodically devastate its region of Australia, and it has to be seared with a blowtorch from time to time to make it feel at home.
Relocation of more than 120 Grass Trees (Xanthorrea) from the inundation zone.