gravel strip

gravel stop, gravel strip, slag strip

gravel stop
A flange, usually of a metal strip, used to prevent gravel or loose surfacing from washing off a roof; may also provide a finished edge for built-up roofing.
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Consider installing a 2-foot-wide gravel strip made of quarter-inch pebbles around the building's exterior to discourage rodents, which do not like to be out in the open.
If possible, add a 2-foot gravel strip between your bushes and your walls as this deters rodents who use shrubbery to cover their movements around your building.
Chefornak has a tiny airport with a gravel strip and a barge landing barely large enough for a single vessel.
Geologist Radek Mikulas, from the AV's Geological Institute, found the engraved sign by accident when he was searching for the actual age and state of the old oak trunks that were lifted near Celakovice during sand and gravel strip mining.
A 1m gravel strip would be installed around the internal perimeter of the fencing.
Frame the lawn Mowing and edging near the deck was difficult, so the couple added an 18-inch-wide gravel strip between the deck and the lawn.
Consider installing a 30"-wide gravel strip around the immediate exterior of the building to deter pests; gravel is tough for crawling insects to navigate and makes rodents feel vulnerable (they prefer dark, protected spaces).
A gravel strip at the base of a wall will prevent it becoming soiled by mud splash.
At other times, especially during the day, it can be quite sedate inside, and in the summer there's picnic benches outside on a gravel strip.
As if the attack were not enough, officials say the three boys then stuffed Warren's body in the trunk of a dark Camaro, drove the short distance to a gravel strip beneath the town power plant, dumped his corpse on the side of the road, and repeatedly ran over it, hoping to disguise the crime as a hit-and-run accident.
85 = 321 m2, the slope 6% on all sides gravel strip - BKP 222/223 Spengler / lightning protection to BKP 224.
Install a two foot wide gravel strip around the perimeter of the building.