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space excavated in the earth or rock for the burial of a corpse. When a grave is marked by a protective or memorial structure it is often referred to as a tombtomb,
vault or chamber constructed either partly or entirely above ground as a place of interment. Although it is often used as a synonym for grave, the word is derived from the Greek tymbos [burial ground]. It may also designate a memorial shrine erected above a grave.
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. See burialburial,
disposal of a corpse in a grave or tomb. The first evidence of deliberate burial was found in European caves of the Paleolithic period. Prehistoric discoveries include both individual and communal burials, the latter indicating that pits or ossuaries were unsealed for
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; funeral customsfuneral customs,
rituals surrounding the death of a human being and the subsequent disposition of the corpse. Such rites may serve to mark the passage of a person from life into death, to secure the welfare of the dead, to comfort the living, and to protect the living from the
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What does it mean when you dream about a grave?

Graves often represent the end of the line, the end or “death” of something, rather than literal death. They also suggest grave issues that require depth of thought and contemplation before making a decision. Because of their underworld connotations, graves can indicate the realm of the unconscious. (See also Burial, Coffin, Crypt, Dead/Death, Hearse).


(of colours) sober or dull


Music to be performed in a solemn manner


Graves are generally depressing and represent some form of death. On a very physical level this dream does not appear to be a very happy omen. However, the dream could also have deeper and more spiritual meaning. It could represent things that require deep thinking and are not “on the surface.” Graves could also symbolize the unconscious. If someone close to you has recently died, it may be normal for you to have dreams about graveyards and death. However, if this dream is coming up and there has been no death in the family, consider your feelings in daily life. If you are feeling depressed or helpless in any way, “look inside” and make attempts to increase your self-awareness and your spiritual identity.
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