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On the gravitational field of a sphere of incompressible fluid according to Einstein's theory.
To satisfy the causality principle, the neoclassical causal theory postulates a new time-retarded transverse component for the Earth's gravitational field [1].
With a lot of matter packed into a sphere about the size of the Earth, they have strong gravitational fields.
LL] (Landau-Lifshitz pseudo-tensor) which is accepted as representing the gravitational field of matter:
If a super compact optical shadow is demonstrated, spacetime curvature should then be abandoned in favour of a material, refractive gravitational field in a flat or DeSitter spacetime.
This method takes advantage of the fact that large weather perturbations in the atmospheres of giant planets modify their gravitational fields in a way that allows researchers to draw conclusions about the nature and extent of those weather phenomena.
2 Summary of the derivation of the formulas for the time-retarded transverse gravitational field and the predicted flyby speed-changes
These measurements indicated that the gravitational field shielding is negligible or undetectable in the case of weak fields.
The moons wobble because they're embedded in a gravitational field that shifts constantly.
Recently, the author has developed a new mechanism for supernova explosion caused by gravitational field shielding [18], in accordance with his five-dimensional (5D) fully covariant Kaluza-Klein theory with a scalar field [8,19,20].
This, too, distorts time: Clocks run slower in a strong gravitational field than they do in empty space.
The main challenges are the following: the mathematical and numerical construction of geons by solving the gravitational field equations, the study of their stability, the computation of their lifetime, and the investigation of their consequences on our Universe.