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In this study, the density structure of the deep crust-mantle structure at the QTP's eastern margin was determined based on gravity anomaly data, while its electrical structure was determined using LMT sounding data.
The Complete Bouguer Gravity Anomaly Grid has had a terrain correction applied which removes the gravity effect of nearby topography variation.
In contrast, gravity anomaly collections from the area of Poland are well-documented.
The first constituent on the right-hand side of Eq (2) represents the terrestrial gravity anomaly contribution to the approximate geoid heights.
The third-order polynomial surface of the regional gravity anomaly is shown in Fig.
149 kGal m Table 2 Data computed with SHGEO package for BN10709 Point values Free Air Gravity Anomaly 199.
The Bouguer gravity anomaly map which one obtains from such a survey is actually a map of discrete potentials on the free surface, and any major singularity in the Bouguer gravity anomaly due to the presence of a perturbation will be due to the crossing from a "normal" into a "perturbed" area or vice versa.
The low-density othogneisses of the Keprnik Unit cause negative gravity anomaly on south near Sumperk (G8).
The Sully target (a prominent 3km x 1km gravity anomaly at an interpreted depth of approximately 1,000m) and its relationship to the known geology on the property suggests a hidden mass of Sullivan-sized proportions.
Contract notice: Work On Injection And Gravity Anomaly Keying Related To Events Of Termination Of Gypsum AntEeLudien, Pre-Implementation Of Pile