gravity main

building gravity drainage system

A building-drainage system which drains by gravity into the building sewer.
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Tenders are invited for Replacement of worn out snub pulley of size dia 630 x 1800mm -1 No, Gravity Main pulley 1 No, Gravity bend pulley towards tail end -1 No & tail pulley -1 No of size dia 800 x 1800 mm in conveyor 6A.
Sewer Analyst gives users the ability to create detailed gravity main profiles and pipe assessment reports of their sanitary sewer system in mere seconds.
Feeder main from gravity main at tapping point near tontadarya engineering college to glsr in medical college premises for providing bulk water supply to government veternary college in gadag-betageri city
Tenders are invited for Replacement of gravity main from Nehar Sawar to GP Nahan and its adjoining rural habitations in Tehsil Nahan Distt.
Additionally Fold-and-Form lining that complies with the specifications will be accepted for 8-inch and 10-inch gravity main pipe diameters.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of old and damaged pipes - RWSS to Mupliyam - Replacing of Two Parallel pumping mains of 80mm & 100mm CI for 2700m with 200mm DI pipes and distribution lines for 1200m with 63/50mm pvc pipes, AUWSS to Chcvoor and Marathakkara - Replacing damaged 300mm/250mm and AC gravity main and supplying, laying with 350mm/250mm DI K9 pipe-2350m.
Tenders are invited for Construction of pump house, C/0 RCC Sump well/ Collection tank, C/O Sedimentation tank, C/0 Delivery tank, C/O out lets and construction of thrust blocks, providing and errection of pumping machinery with allied accessories and providing laying ot rising main/ gravity main and distribution system.
no, 292; Providing, laying, jointing and testing of G I pipe in Gravity Main and distribution system (socketed and flanged with different table); C/o Stand post=6 Nos
Tenders are invited for Improvements to Water Supply Scheme- Package-Ill-Supplying, Laying, Testing, Commissioning and maintaining 500, 400 and 300mm Dl K9 Clear Water Gravity Main from Engandiyur Sump to Guruvayurand Chavakkad Municipalities (balance works), -Laying, Testing, Commissioning and maintaining 630mm dia HDPE pipe for river crossing at Chettuva Kadavu.
Shimla HP Spring source intake=3 Nos, C/O RCC Storage tank (Flat slab type) at Node no,232,233, Providing, laying, jointing and testing of G I pipe in Gravity Main and distribution system ; C/o Stand post=4Nos