gravity supply

gravity supply, gravity water system

A water system in which the source of water is at a higher elevation than the place where the water is to be used. (See illustration p. 472.)
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George Warne, G-MW Connections Project Director said the one-hundred year old weir was originally constructed to raise water levels in the Little Murray River to enable gravity supply of irrigation water to the Swan Hill and Woorinen areas.
Tenders are invited for Providing & laying 300 mm dia MS water supply pipeline at Davis main road to isolate Gravity supply from pumping supply there by improve water supply facilities to DJ Halli band & surrounding areas coming under Pillanna Garden S/stn of AEEC-3 sub-dvn.
A new 15 million litre water storage tank next to the new water treatment plant, Transfer pumping and gravity supply mains, An upgrade of the Ten Mile Brook Dam drinking water pump station and treatment facilities.