great tower

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keep, donjon

The stronghold of a medieval castle, usually in the form of a massive tower, and a place of residence, esp. in times of siege.
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Great Tower week IN SEPTEMBER, Year 6 pupils went to Great Tower for a week of fun activities in the Lake District.
And you can't miss, in both senses, the Great Tower.
The recent investment in the lobby and ground floor retail, coupled with a strong improving market bodes well for the ownership and the future of this great tower.
It read: "Everyone has been a great tower of strength to us over the past few difficult weeks.
The positioning of Eric Gill's small Hopton Wood stone Christ on the Cross in this section perhaps does not do its maker any favours, especially as it is hung close to Giorgio de Chirico's boldly elongated oil, The Great Tower, and Jacob Epstein's powerful Flenite Relief, carved from a block of gloriously dark and mottled serpentine stone.
Kate arrived at the Great Tower Scout Activity Centre and was greeted by around 20 other volunteers to learn the skills she needs as a helper at her local Scout Group in North Wales.
As snowflakes were blown around the fells above Lake Windermere at the Great Tower activity centre near Newby Bridge, the temperature was estimated to have plummeted to minus five with the wind chill factor.
The Duchess of Cambridge, during her visit to the Great Tower Scout Camp near Newby Bridge in Cumbria
Using the Great Tower as the setting, scenes from the murky world of King Henry II's court are played out by costumed actors who will interact with young visitors.
Yesterday, she publicly lent her support to the adventuring organisation with a visit to Great Tower Scout Camp in Newby Bridge.
Big Ben is the nickname for the Palace's other great tower, but is properly the name of the 13.