greater than

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greater than

">" ASCII character 62.

Common names: ITU-T: greater than; ket ("<" = bra); right angle; right angle bracket; right broket. Rare: into, toward; write to; blow ("<" = suck); gozinta; out; zap (all from Unix I/O redirection); INTERCAL: right angle.

See also less than.
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In this one I'm looking for each of last seven quarters of Earnings to be greater than the previous quarter's Earnings.
Quarterly EPS Q(0) greater than Quarterly EPS Q(-1)
Quarterly EPS Q(-1) greater than Quarterly EPS Q(-2)
Quarterly EPS Q(-2) greater than Quarterly EPS Q(-3)
Quarterly EPS Q(-3) greater than Quarterly EPS Q(-4)
Quarterly EPS Q(-4) greater than Quarterly EPS Q(-5)
Quarterly EPS Q(-5) greater than Quarterly EPS Q(-6)
Quarterly EPS Q(-6) greater than Quarterly EPS Q(-7)
Change Actual EPS Q0/Q-1 greater than or equal to 0 (positive EPS growth this quarter over last) and % Change Actual EPS Q-1/Q-2 greater than or equal to 0 (positive EPS growth last quarter over the one before that) (In other words, two quarters of positive EPS growth.
Change Actual EPS F0/F-1 greater than or equal to 0 (positive EPS growth this year over last)
5 Year Historical EPS Growth greater than or equal to 17 (yes, 17)

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