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It says: "The identified harm is the physical loss of an area of green space, as well as the minor impact on loss of privacy and overbearing, due to substandard interfaces on parts of the site.
That totals just 8% of its area as a publicly accessible green space.
After reunification, it became much better for people in terms of green spaces, because lots of parks were built in the last 25 years on former protected border strips of the Berlin wall, which people hadn't previously had access to, such as the park at Gleisdreieck.
They are among a record-breaking 1,686 parks and green spaces to receive the award, which tells the public the space boasts the highest possible standards, is beautifully maintained and has excellent facilities.
Furthermore, engaging in physical activity in anopen green space also reduces stress, uncertainties, annoyance, anddepression(Ward Thompson et al.
SIX managed green spaces in Denbighshire have been awarded honours by Keep Wales Tidy in this year's Green Flag Awards.
So visiting your nearest green space on your lunch break or taking a stroll in the park at the weekend can be part of a routine that improves your wellbeing.
We have encountered a project that proposes to kill the 158-decare green space right next to the historic Emirgan Grove.
Key words: Urban green spaces Socio-environmental GIS Per capita green space Population density
Therefore, quality green space is a community asset that could ensure the health of citizens.
This year's national Love Parks Week will take place from Saturday, July 27 to Sunday, August 4 - coinciding with the first week of the school holidays - so there's no better time to remind you and yours about the benefits and joys of your favourite local green space.
The fate of the city's largest protected green space, Horsh Beirut, caused a stir at the Greenation launch.