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town (1990 pop. 18,666), seat of Franklin co., NW Mass., at the confluence of the Deerfield and Green rivers, near their junction with the Connecticut; settled 1686, set off from Deerfield and inc. 1753. The first cutlery factory in the United States was established there in the early 1800s. Other products include silverware, electronic components, and lumber. Agriculture and dairy farming are also important. The town, the eastern terminus of the Mohawk TrailMohawk Trail.
1 Old road (c.100 mi/160 km long) in central New York state following the Mohawk River. It was the sole route through the Appalachians by which thousands of settlers emigrated from the Eastern seaboard to the Midwest.
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, was the site of many Native American attacks until 1735. A historical museum is in the town. Asher BenjaminBenjamin, Asher,
1773–1845, American architect, b. Greenfield, Mass. His Country Builder's Assistant was published in 1797 and The American Builder's Companion, with Daniel Reynard, in 1806.
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 was born there, and several buildings designed by him remain. Poet's Seat Tower provides a spectacular view of the town.


Semirural real property that is undeveloped (except for possible agricultural use) and is being considered as a site for development.


denoting or located in a rural area which has not previously been built on


A brand new installation of hardware or software without having to integrate new elements into existing ones. Contrast with "brownfield," which is an upgrade to the current system. Greenfield and brownfield are building industry terms that refer to clean, undeveloped land (green) versus contaminated land or land with existing structures (brown). The terms may refer to network installations as well. See green, greenware and greenwashing.
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On a country level, Iraq was the main destination of greenfield FDI from Lebanon with $3.
Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield students are taught by Massachusetts-certified teachers who use the exceptional KaU curriculum.
Harry was a member of the Y's Men's Club, and the First United Methodist Church of Greenfield where he served as a trustee.
The national TV campaign, developed and executed by Greenfield Media, brings to life key record-breaking attempts.
This game was all I could think about all week,'' Greenfield said.
Greenfield, a native of Brooklyn who joined PB in 1947, officially retired in 1995, but continued to work at PB's New York headquarters several days a week until his death.
Greenfield Online, Inc (Nasdaq: SRVY), a leading provider of Internet survey solutions to marketing research and consulting companies, today announced it has completed the acquisition of Munich-based Ciao AG for aggregate consideration valued at approximately US$154 million USD.
The basis of the inferred intent doctrine in Pennsylvania is important in understanding the Greenfield case.
Greenfield cautions that more research will be necessary to figure out whether the frogs use solely acoustic feedback or get clues from other senses.
Why, then, was I never able to hurtle my eyeballs through the bylined columns Greenfield wrote for Newsweek and The Washington Post?
But it isn't just the cost of compliance that concerns Greenfield and others who say the program guidelines are inadequate for the long term care industry.
In the August 16 edition of the weekly newsmagazine Western Report, Nathan Greenfield ridiculed Karen Mock's ideas as Halvorson expanded on them.