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1. a cultivated variety of plum tree, Prunus domestica italica, with edible green plumlike fruits
2. the fruit of this tree



a group of plum varieties. The trees reach a height of 6–7 m. The spherical fruits are green, yellow, or purple; the firm or tender pulp is juicy and sweet. Greengage plums are eaten fresh, made into jam, or stewed. A typical example is the green Reine Claude. Its almost spherical fruits measure 35–40 mm across; the pulp is greenish yellow, very tender, and tasty. The plums ripen in mid-August or early September, yielding as much as 140 kg of plums per tree. Greengage plums are grown in France, Italy, the German Democratic Republic, and the Federal Republic of Germany. In the USSR a number of varieties, such as the Al’tan Greengage, Tambov Greengage, and Reine Claude, have been regionalized.

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The project is now receiving referrals, working with other projects within Gofal, as well as a number of other organisations, including Age Cymru, to identify people who would benefit from the GreengAge initiative.
To the back of the property the gardens gently rise to a small orchard with apple, greengage and damson trees along with a deep border and a pond bordering the woodland.
He unrolled his bundle again and carefully wrapped jars of honey and greengage jam in his best breeches, with bread and a piece of salted pork, cramming cake into his mouth.
The variety, called sbergia in italian, has an unusual skin and resembles an oversized greengage plum.
The operation, codenamed Greengage, began in November 2006 when Lancashire police focused on Preston-based crime boss, Ivan Hue.
Rhyngoch chi a fi, doeddwn i'n hidio dim am y Greengables na'r Stratford Green, felly mi gymrais rwbath yn canol o'r enw Greengage (lle mae nhw'n cael yr enwau ma?
CARDIFF again showed their true class in the Greengage Welsh Inter Club Championship as they put Merthyr to the sword.
The Greengage Summer by Rumer Godden (The Folio Society, pounds 17.
Collins was also on the mark with Greengage, who got up close home in the apprentice race to give Eoin Dowling ,18, his first success.
It has a large productive vegetable plot and orchard area with cultivated vegetable beds, three aluminium greenhouses, a covered gazebo area, poly tunnel, soft fruit beds and a formal orchard area with a maturing variety of apple, plum, cherry, greengage and quince trees.
This version has all the traditional apple-based acidity and greengage substance but its spell on the yeast lees (sur lie) adds mellow richness to the fresh and minty crispness.
Look out also for Sainsbury's Soave Colli Scaligeri DOC 2010 (EUR5), a crisp, fresh, aromatic white with flavours of pear, greengage and a touch of almond to have with chicken and fish.