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1 City (1990 pop. 26,265), Johnson co., central Ind.; settled 1822, inc. as a city 1960. A residential suburb of Indianapolis, Greenwood is in a retail shopping area. Manufactures include motor vehicle parts and metal products.

2 City (1990 pop. 18,906), seat of Leflore co., W central Miss., on the Yazoo River in the Mississippi Delta; inc. 1844. It is a retail and trade center for a productive farm region, with a major cotton market. Musical instruments, apparel, motor vehicle parts, agricultural equipment, and kitchen stoves are manufactured. The area's original inhabitants were the Choctaws; the city and county derive their names from a Choctaw chief and cotton planter, Greenwood Leflore. After the area was ceded to the United States in 1830 by the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, settlers poured in, carving vast cotton plantations out of the delta swamplands. The city has a cotton museum, and several Native American burial grounds are nearby.

3 City (1990 pop. 20,807), seat of Greenwood co., W S.C.; settled 1824, inc. as a city 1927. It is a rail center, with textile, wood-product, and meatpacking industries. A trading post was established there in 1751, and a Revolutionary War battle was fought at nearby Old Star Fort in 1775. The first railroad came in 1852; by 1911 five lines were operating through the city. Lander Univ. and Piedmont Technical College are in the city. Greenwood State Park is nearby.

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Ms Greenwood is a senior partner at law firm Russell McVeagh, who has over ten years experience on the Russell McVeagh board, including a period as the firms Chair.
Ms Greenwood says: I am honoured and excited to take on this role.
In 1948 Greenwoods had 87 branches open and trading, incredibly no fewer than 17 of these were in Bradford.
In 1971 Greenwoods had 259 well equipped units as far apart as Newcastle and Torquay.
Fort Nelson completion Greenwoods have recently completed a new pounds 4 million visitors centre and exhibition gallery for The Royal Armouries at Fort Nelson Museum in Portsmouth.
Greenwoods provided Project and Commercial Management, CDM Co-ordination and assisted the Client through the HLF grant process.
Greenwood worked for the federal government as a medical doctor to the Dene native community.
Greenwood was active in church and community activities--volunteering in church women's groups and hospital auxiliaries, visiting the elderly, and helping out in Children's Aid and the Head Start program.
Andrew Smith, manager of the Hartlepool store, said: "To be placed 11th out of 125 Greenwoods across the country is a great achievement which everyone here has worked very hard for.
He revealed that police inquiries, which first began in 1994 and have involved almost all UK forces, have led to 40 other arrests and the recovery of 420 firearms, including over 200 supplied by the Greenwoods traced to 65 crime scenes.
The move, put together with the help of Birmingham law firm the Wilkes Partnership and property consultancy G R Darby, centralises office and warehouse space for Greenwoods that had previously been spread across several sites on the Coleshill Industrial Estate.
Greenwoods has been growing at some 40 per cent year-on-year and now employs more than 400 people.