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(grĭnād`), small bomb either thrown by hand or shot from a modified rifle or a grenade launcher. It may be filled with gas or chemicals but more often holds an explosive charge that fractures the casing into lethal fragments. Grenades were in use as early as the 15th cent., and men trained to use them were called grenadiers. As the grenade fell into disfavor, however, the name grenadier was applied to members of various elite guards, such as those of Frederick II of Prussia and Napoleon I. Grenades were later reintroduced in warfare and have been widely used in the wars of the 20th and 21st cent. The deployment of the XM25 grenade launcher by U.S. forces in 2010 marked the first use of smart technology in small arms; it uses a laser rangefinder and programmable ammunition to determine and set the distance at which the grenade explodes. The rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) uses a launcher to fire a small rocket mounted with a warhead, and is used against armored vehicles.



a type of ammunition designed to destroy enemy personnel and combat matériel with fragments and the shock wave from the explosion. Grenades are fired from artillery guns or grenade launchers or are thrown at the target by hand. The grenade usually consists of a metal housing, an explosive charge, and a fuse. A distinction is made between percussion grenades, which explode when they meet an obstacle, and time grenades, which explode at a certain point on the trajectory.

Hand grenades first appeared in the 16th century and were used during the defense and siege of fortresses. In the first half of the 17th century hand grenades were made for use in field combat. Selected soldiers called grenadiers were appointed to throw them. Modern hand grenades have various shapes, weigh 0.3–1.2 kg, produce up to 3,000 fragments upon explosion, and have an effective casualty radius of 5–200 m. Most grenades are anti-infantry and antitank grenades; there are also special grenades (chemical, smoke, and incendiary). The average throwing range of fragmentation grenades is 30–50 m, and for antitank grenades it is 15–20 m.

Artillery grenades appeared in the 17th century and are more often called shells. Grenades fired from rifle grenade launchers have calibers of 60–80 mm and weigh up to 1 kg. They are divided into fragmentation and armor-piercing grenades; the latter penetrate armor up to 300 mm. Grenades fired from hand grenade launchers have calibers of 40–90 mm and weigh 0.2–5 kg. They are divided into armor-piercing and high-explosive fragmentation grenades. Upon explosion the latter produce up to 300 lethal fragments in a radius of up to 5 m. Grenades with shaped charges penetrate armor with a thickness of up to 400 mm. In addition to combat grenades there are also training grenades which are used in military units for training purposes.



A small explosive or chemical missile, originally designed to be thrown by hand, but now also designed to be projected from special grenade launchers, usually fitted to rifles or carbines.


1. a small container filled with explosive thrown by hand or fired from a rifle
2. a sealed glass vessel that is thrown and shatters to release chemicals, such as tear gas or a fire extinguishing agent
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The Germans were in slightly better condition early in the war, but their M1913 grenade was only marginally more sophisticated.
Hand grenades were used by one-eyed Dale Cregan in the murders of PCs Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone, and David Short in 2012.
He said according to an injured boy there were two hand grenades in the Naubahar canal and another boy took the second one somewhere.
The first grenade used when war broke out in 1914 was a cast-iron canister on an 18-inch stick and was dangerous to use as it often caught on the trench front when it was lobbed.
Lakhimpur Police said the grenades were lobbed at Jail Road, Court Road and Chouldhuwa areas of the town over a period of 30-minutes.
The National News Agency reported that the grenade went off near a public kindergarten in the Akkar village of Bizbina.
Eyewitness Kathryn Carr said: "The police said a grenade was in the boot of a car outside a house at the end of the street, next to St Faith's Church.
After finding that 70 per cent of their customers were men - and a significant chunk were military personnel - they trademarked the name Grenade (UK) Ltd, put the pills in a grenade and launched the brand, rolling a military tank into the NEC during the BodyPower Expo.
In use, a soldier would slip a grenade partially into the cup to safely secure the striker lever, pull out the safety pin at the top of the grenade and then seat the grenade firmly in the bottom of the cup.
IT'S USUALLY not a good idea to pull the pin out of a grenade in the middle of a meeting.
The parade is held on that day to commemorate the six cadets who lost their lives and another 54 who were wounded while undergoing training with the M-61 hand grenade 38 years ago.
BOMB disposal experts were called out to a Midland town after a hand grenade was found on the roof of a council building near thousands of shoppers.

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