grid system

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exposed suspension system, grid system

exposed suspension system
A system for suspending an acoustical ceiling in which the members supporting the acoustical material are visible in the room.
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Killebrew developed the Touch Grid system while teaching physics at NMSBVI.
YORKSHIRE Water is to invest millions of pounds in extending its water pipeline grid system - to ensure households are not hit by any hosepipe bans.
The change to what's called a "nodal" grid system happens on Dec.
Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited has signed a Grant Agreement with United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) under which the agency has agreed to finance a Feasibility Study on the implementation of Smart Grid System in Karachi aimed at cutting down electricity losses.
Addressing a news conference along with other PML-N leaders Khudai Noor and Jamal Shah Kakar at the Quetta Press Club here, he said that West and South Balochistan had been suffering 20 hours long power outages due to sabotage activities and intentionally damage to high transmission line providing electricity to Sibbi Grid Station from Guddo National Grid system.
The most basic common denominator in this process Js the grid system.
com/research/k24vc3/china_energy) has announced the addition of the "China Energy Storage for Grid System Industry Report, 2015-2018" report to their offering.
Talking to reporter Managing Director M Mehmood, said that the first unit was completed in just seven month and start supplying 95 MW to the national grid system.
In some areas due to system constraints on grid system and over loading of distribution system Pesco compelled for additional laod shedding.
Smart Grid technology uses a computerised control system to create a more flexible, "intelligent" National Grid system.
A (Ansaldo T&D), its power systems subsidiary from Italy, has won a contract to be the supplier of electric vehicles (EV); 10kW photovoltaic (PV) power generation system; a 45kWh SCiB, Toshiba's rechargeable lithium-ion battery; and the overall system monitoring and control unit (uEMS) for a smart grid system to ACEA Distribuzione S.
Finally, the Grid System can be used in a number of environments.