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see cartilagecartilage
, flexible semiopaque connective tissue without blood vessels or nerve cells. It forms part of the skeletal system in humans and in other vertebrates, and is also known as gristle.
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Having nowhere to go and no access to air, it didn't form a scab, it sort of calcified and turned itself into gristle which kept growing and growing wherever it could in the knee joint.
2 whole pork fillets, trimmed of fat and gristle Mix together all the marinade ingredients and rub well in to the pork.
It's best to do this well in advance so the thighs can be pressed while cooling to remove bone and gristle a lot easier.
ANDY WARHOL MUSEUM * June 15-September 15 * Curated by Nicholas Chambers * Though best known as the vocalist and guiding force behind the seminal industrial music groups Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV, Genesis P-Orridge first emerged as a body/performance artist in early-1970s London, leading the highly controversial multimedia collective COUM Transmissions.
Boys with mothers, half-mad girls with men--the gristle parents tossed their dogs during the nightly news while the rodeo that was America was being under-reported like war, our still-hungry country half dying, half dead.
A further two star gold was awarded to Kettyle's Dry Aged Wing Rib Steak which is a traditional cut that proved extremely popular with the judges who said in their testimonials 'enticing and appetising' 'soft, tender, moist, lovely fat with no gristle between meat and fat, an overall excellent beefy flavour
As part of the Beeb's Dickens' celebration, Sue takes on the 'character' of Charles' wife Catherine and gets into the very gristle of the Dickens' family Christmas.
Ugly sisters Clara and Sarah Gristle (John Carter and Donald McBride) ham things up hilariously, as do slapstick duo Buttons (Paul Hartley) and Dishes (Jane Deane).
The strings were so long, like a piano grand, The fat and gristle from no man land
However, the fat and gristle content of some minced beef varied to such an extent between retailers that consumers faced an impossible task understanding what they were buying, with some "lean" or "extra lean" products proving more fatty than standard mince.
The film begins in the 1970s, seeking the origins of industrial music in both punk rock--citing the Sex Pistols and punk's DIY ethos--and in experimental European bands like Cabaret Voltaire, Kraftwerk, and Throbbing Gristle, who included electronic sounds, often reminiscent of factory noises, in their music.
Still, you'd have thought a man with such a name would have had a bit more gristle to him than to burger off like that.