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What does it mean when you dream about groceries?

Groceries in dreams indicate abundance of nourishment for either the body or the soul. They also indicate a “grocery” list depicting the many chores and obligations one is trying to accomplish. (See also Food).

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The firm said that it was closing 29 grocery store branches across three states by early 2015.
Many small grocery stores were preparing to close down for good by Monday night due to space and financial constraints to meet new requirements laid down by authorities.
Old Bridge Mayor Owen Henry said the Pathmark grocery store shooter was a disgruntled former employee who shot two supermarket employees and then himself.
In addition Amazon said that the grocery store has a wide selection of natural and organic products, including brands such as Annie's Homegrown, Wild Oats, Newman's Own, Bear Naked and Nature's Gate.
Also keen on the idea of having a grocery store downtown was Helen Talley, a resident of Arbor Gardens, a senior-oriented apartment complex just north of Lancaster Boulevard.
Light oil such as sweet almond oil or sunflower can be found in the grocery store.
The grocery store also advertises on Web sites that expatriates visit, such as Argentine newspaper sites.
Until recently, IBM was running a television commercial that showed a suspicious-looking fellow with long hair and unkempt facial hair walking through a grocery store.
While state aid couldn't save Super Pride, Leonard says this doesn't mean that other companies are doomed in a culture where mom-and-pop grocery stores are an integral part of the blue-collar city.
Although not completely a vegetarian book, The Indian Grocery Store Demystified offers a lot of useful information for vegans looking to cook with items bought in Indian markets.
We're Asked at the Grocery Store, But What About Cloth?
If he deals with a grocery store, for instance, Dovigi will look at the competitor's products and packaging.