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Kewell missed Australia's 0-0 World Cup qualifier draw with China in Kunming last Wednesday after injuring his groin during the lead-up match in Singapore.
Impact injuries are part of the game, but a groin injury in training?
Gers boss McLeish said: "He's just not as close to fitness as I would have liked, his groin is still bothering him.
Groin pain is not very common among runners, but it can be due to stress fractures of the pelvis, which in this area can be caused by excessive tension on a muscle.
Groin pain is a particularly common complaint among athletes who play sports that involve kicking movements, such as soccer.
Treatment outcomes were compared for four management approaches: vulvar and groin node resection, otherwise known as "standard" surgical therapy; vulvar resection only, without groin node resection; radiation plus planned surgery; or radiation therapy only.
Poor flexibility in the lower body, especially in the hip, groin, and hamstring areas, may expose the athlete to a muscle pull -- though research has never established a connection between flexibility and muscle pulls.
The beach erosion was eventually accelerated by the creation of a series of rock groins that were designed to protect the beach.
Walsh explained: "Fiontan O Curraoin is finding it hard to shrug off a groin strain that bothered him right through the league so he is taking a few weeks out now to see how it goes.
Is this because the diagnosis is multifactorial and there are 82 differential diagnoses relating to the groin, as well as another 41 related to the hip?
But now the problem has flared up in another part of his groin and Baggies boss Steve Clarke is unsure when the 29-year-old will be able to return to action.