ground fill

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1. Soil, crushed stone, or waste materials, used to raise an existing grade or as a man-made deposit.
2. The depth or the volume of such material so added.
3. A cementitious material such as concrete or terrazzo, which is placed over a metal substructure to provide the wearing surface of a tread or platform.
4. Aggregate placed on a roof decking, 2 to form the appropriate design slope.
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The cracks, caused by ground fill material beneath the building expanding when saturated, were not a safety issue but had to be continually patched up during holidays and even at weekends.
The MEPS subsystem consists of: two (2) Hall Effect Thrusters with one cathode/neutralizer each one (1) Propellant Tank Assembly (PTA) containing pressurized Xenon and providing interface for the ground fill and drain operations one (1) Propellant Management Assembly (PMA) to regulate the pressure and provide fine control of the xenon flow to the thrusters and cathodes one (1) Power Processing Unit (PPU) to supply power to the thrusters/cathodes and the PMA providing power/signal conditioning and telemetry/telecommand interface.
We sat in the stand in the late afternoon sunshine for an hour or more and watched the ground fill up around us.