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ground plan, ground plot

The plan of a building taken at ground level.
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In contrast to general surface simplification approaches or many 2D generalization algorithms for ground plans, the simplification is not performed in an iterative process, where the most "insignificant" detail of the model is step by step identified and removed.
This is most often possible with ground plans and therefore leads to good results for this part of the algorithm.
Environmental campaigners yesterday accused airport bosses of threatening to ground plans to increase the amount of green energy generated by wind power in Northumberland.
NUNEATON and Bedworth Borough Council could go before the local government watchdog over the handling of the Nuneaton Borough football ground plans.
Warwickshire are concerned that if their application for floodlights fails, all their future ground plans, which include a new pavilion, will fall foul of Birmingham city council who formally opposed the floodlight application.
With this expansion, we're sending a clear message to Pittsburgh and the entire country that FedEx Ground plans continued growth to better serve more and more customers.
Two shorter chapters deal, respectively, with architectural ground plans, resulting in a very valuable discussion of the distribution of the camera, sala, anticamera, etc.
5 million Caledonian Stadium with doubts over Football Trust funding for their own ground plans.
In this painstaking work, Geoffrey King records in text and an extensive range of pictures, line drawings and ground plans a tradition of Islamic architecture unique to Arabia.
FedEx Ground plans to seek prompt review of this decision by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.
Creation of ground plans for residential and commercial units- Creating GebEnudeansichten- Living area calculations for residential and commercial units / House- Technical stocktaking in residential and commercial units- Technical inventory at / in the building / house.
NEWCASTLE United's new training ground plans have been approved.