ground table

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ground table, earth table, grass table

A projecting course or plinth resting immediately upon the foundation; the lowest course visible above the ground.
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Pet Superstores Gaining Ground Table 4-6a: Purchasing Rates for Pet Products by Selected Retail Channels and Pet Superstore Chains: 2008-2012 (percent of dog or cat owners) Table 4-6b: Purchasing Base for Pet Products by Selected Retail Channels or Pet Superstore Chains: 2008-2012 (U.
Both machines come standard with a cast-iron frame, a cast-iron CNC precision ground table, rear cutterhead guard, knife gauge, bridge-type guard, slotted tip plates and more.
The shaper has a cast-iron frame and CNC precision ground table, spindle reversing switch, safety brake, micro adjustable fence, miter gauge, tour spindle speeds and magnetic starter with overload protection.

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