ground-support equipment

ground-support equipment (GSE)

All the hardware needed to support aircraft operations. It includes ladders, chocks, starting aggregates, hydraulic trolleys, testers, tools, and other equipment. The tools and other devices (mobile or fixed) are needed to inspect, test, adjust, calibrate, appraise, gauge, measure, repair, overhaul, assemble, disassemble, transport, safeguard, record, store, or other-wise function in support of aircraft. The GSE does not include land or buildings.
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Malabar International, a ground-support equipment manufacturer has purchase of DAE Industries for an undisclosed sum.
The Mission of the APTO is to integrate Advanced and Alternative Power Technologies into Aerospace Ground-Support Equipment (AGE), vehicles, Munitions Material Handling Equipment (MMHE), and Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resource (BEAR) equipment in an effort to support the entire spectrum of global military engagements.
The contract includes involves 55 ground-data terminals, 31 ground-control stations, ground-support equipment, and spare parts.
With its strong industrial base and domestic connection, CIMC is also involved in other industrial fields such as airport ground-support equipment.