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DeSanctis and Gallupe (1987) originally defined a Group Decision Support System as a system that combines communication, computing, and decision support technologies to facilitate formulation and solution of unstructured problems by a group of people.
The decision support systems in the TMSS may include individual DSS, group decision support systems, distributed decision making systems, and organizational DSS in each operating country.
Groupware such as the CyberCollaboratory in the form of Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) and Distributed Group Support Systems (DGSS), as mentioned above, are thought of as possible tools for the improvement of group processes and decision-making (Desanctis and Gallupe, 1985, 1987; Stasser, 1992; Stasser and Titus, 1985; Hiltz et al.
His current research interests include communications-driven decision support systems, group decision support systems, and web collaborative technologies.
This can be as simple as a conference call or instant messaging software, or may be more complex software packages called group decision support systems.
Generally group decision support systems that support meetings outside the conference room are limited to displays on computer terminals such as typed messages and graphics; however, this limitation can be eliminated through the high-capacity broad-band technology available in many modern telecommunications networks.
Applications, illustrated in case studies, include group decision support systems and a transition strategy model.
Participants can work together in either public or private blogs via the site's Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) feature.