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video calling

A visual communication between two people. Skype popularized video calling, which enables any two individuals in the world who have access to computers, the Skype software and decent Internet connections to place a video call to each other. Aiming at the enterprise in 2010, Skype introduced software that let five people participate in a video call.

Also in 2010, Apple introduced FaceTime video calling, and Skype and FaceTime are the two most widely used video calling services. See Skype and FaceTime.

Calling, Chatting, Phoning, Conferencing
"Video calling," "video chat" and "videophoning" generally mean two people are visually communicating; however, "videoconferencing" implies support for more than two parties communicating simultaneously. In practice, all four terms are used synonymously. See video chat, videoconferencing and videophone.
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Firetalk is built by the team behind Paltalk, a leading group video chat community with 100MM users and 10 years of profitability.
GENBAND fring carrier OTT provides an easy-to-use, white-label service that includes capabilities for mobile group video chat, 2-way video chat, voice-only calls and text chat and allows carriers to offer customers solutions to combat skyrocketing roaming charges.
ooVoo for Windows Phone features free 12-way group video chat, voice calling, instant messaging, echo cancellation for crystal-clear audio, and Superclear(TM) video-ooVoo's proprietary technology which adjusts for packet-loss on low-bandwidth video calls.
The firm has also announced that it would offer a group video chat service with higher video and audio quality which was not possible before.
The App has all the main features and is similar to the Android version but it does not have the "hangout" feature that allows group video chat between groups.
Zuckerberg's statement, along with the new group video chat capabilities, both strike at Google, which just last week unveiled the Google+ social network that will compete with Facebook.
The "Lincoln" trailer will be the first film trailer to launch during a Google+ Hangout, which allows people to connect face-to-face-to-face via group video chat.
Communications Service Providers can leverage fring's capabilities to offer their customers mobile group video chat, 2-way video chat, voice-only calls and text chat.
It offers free mobile group video chat, 2-way video chat, voice-only calls and text chat over IP.
Group video chat, group voice calling, and group text messaging
The app will use Skype's video chat technology, though it is unclear whether it will have a group video chat function, or if users will only be able to video chat with one person at a time, The Herald Sun reports.
But, still it doesn't offer group video chat unlike Google+ that allows to you to do group chat with up to 10 people.

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