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However, more ultrasound records per cow are needed to get accurate estimates of growth curve, which, thus, helps producers select animals with high accuracy
Our objectives were (1) to determine the growth curve of the anatomic descent of the infant larynx in relation to the soft palate and stable bony landmarks such as the sella turcica and (2) to determine if there is a correlation between the corresponding anatomic changes and the peak age of SIDS.
Product Ratings Navigating the Growth Curve Overall rating *** 1/2
Equation 4 shows that the current literature (k most recent years) grows at the same exponential rate, g, as the total literature, and with the shape of the growth curve independent of k (Bookstein, 1990, p.
Plaxo continues to ride an exponential growth curve, driven by happy users, word-of-mouth, and partnerships.
We intend to continue our growth curve by increasing the awareness of Blazeguard in the markets we currently serve and by adding new geographies to our targeted sales territories.
The opening of this store continues the retailer's strong growth curve having opened thirteen new stores in 2006 with up to twenty new stores expected by the end of the year.
The fact is, nobody really knows just how steep podcasting's growth curve will be, but it's obviously expanding very quickly, and whether it's currently reaching one million or ten million homes, the technology holds huge advantages for individuals and companies who have news, a point of view or product information they want to communicate," Van Orden said.
We are still in the very early stages of our growth curve and we look forward to continuing to build on this momentum.
Amp's years of preparation and multimillion-dollar investments in technology and geothermal project development have well-positioned the company to securely attach itself to the energy industry's most anticipated growth curve.
The versatile talents and expertise that Michael Steele and Chris Engel bring to AGEIA are precisely suited to our exciting and steep company growth curve.
We plan to continue to ride the podcast and multimedia growth curve by offering our customers an open, dynamic and flexible approach to sponsorships.