growth ring

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annual ring, growth ring

A layer of wood produced during one year of a tree’s growth.
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To validate the periodicity of formation of growth rings, we evaluated the seasonal changes in the following two indices: (1) the proportion of specimens with a hinge plate showing recent formation of a marginal growth ring and (2) the mean marginal growth index (MGI), which is derived from the SH data for relevant growth rings in cross-sections (discussed later).
The criticism stems from their investigation of growth rings in modern olive trees on Santorini.
2009) reported that modulus of elasticity (MOE), ultimate tensile strength (UTS), and Poisson's ratio from earlywood and latewood generally increased with the increment in the growth ring positions except for specific gravity (SG) and UTS from latewood.
Geoduck ages are currently estimated by counting valve growth rings.
Even though it is the same growth ring, there appears to be less compression wood produced at the base and the crown area than in the main stem.
The objective of our study was to estimate bigeye tuna age and growth rate in the western Pacific based on counts of growth rings on sections of the first dorsal spine.
Opaque growth rings were verified to have formed annually during February.
groenlandicus: (1) reading the external rings on the shell, (2) counting the growth rings on thin sections of the chondrophore, and (3) counting growth rings of whole shell sections.
Ring shake, the longitudinal separation of wood parallel to the growth rings, is one of the more serious problems affecting utilization of hemlock lumber.
When comparing growth rate to total extractive or [beta]-thujaplicin content in trees over time, 5-year moving averages were calculated for both the growth ring width and extractive content to isolate the general trends from background variability.
Following the cooling period, each board was evaluated for warp, number of growth rings, presence/absence of pith, and MC.