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see silversidessilversides,
common name for small shore fishes, belonging to the family Antherinidae, abundant in the warmer waters of the Atlantic and Pacific, and named for the silvery stripe on either side of the body.
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An increased supply of another favorite food - a smelt fish called the grunion, whose egg-laden females often line up in the surf zone close to beaches - also is occurring.
Once in a while, a guy surf-casting will put one on and land a halibut when the grunion are running,'' he said.
Vallone said grunion - which mature to a length of 7-1/2 inches and live to four years (age can be determined by their growth rings, much like trees) - are indeed calico candy, but he maintains that their attraction to other fish is a bit more widespread.
When fishing with a grunion, Vallone recommends a standard surf rod and reel, 20-pound monofilament line, a hook to match the bait - generally a size No.
While it is still quite chilly in the wee hours, it's important to consider gathering grunion in March because they are so difficult to track.
Early Spanish settlers called the fish grunion, which means grunter.
Beaches are often lined with more people than grunion.
Human interference can greatly impact the runs of grunion.