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any of a large and varied group of mammals of the primate order. The term monkey includes all primates that do not belong to the categories human, ape, or prosimian; however, monkeys do have certain common features.
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Waterfield, Robin, Rene Guenon and the Future of the West, (Great Britain: Crucible an Imprint of The Aquarian Press, 1987).
These forests are full of eagles, leopards and chimps, but the guenons have an extraordinary anti-predator alliance to deal with them.
Le Senechal: Jurez que de ce singe / Ce singe, ce singe / Animal degoutant / Guenon, orang-outang.
These species, as well as the near-threatened primate Preuss's guenon, feed on P.
Early theosophist Jakob Bohme, Rudolph Steiner (founder of anthroposophy, still another way of knowing higher spirituality) and Rene Guenon, whose occult tradition awakens in humans a forgotten intelligence, are but three among dozens of philosophers, visionaries and mystics who deal in occult, alchemy, numerology and various other pursuits and who have contributed to modern esoteric spirituality.
Guenon, Senior Vice President, Internet Development, will lead Aegis' Internet Care business.
The discovery of a tree-dwelling guenon monkey in the Abu Dhabi desert highlights the vast ecological changes that have taken place in the Arabian Peninsula," said Dr Beech, who is also an old resident of Abu Dhabi.
Compare with Rene Guenon, The Reign of Quantity & the Signs of the Times, tr.
Ne a Murcie le 17 ramadan 650 de l'hegire (1165 de l' ere chretienne) et mort a Damas en 1240 (638 de l'hegire), Ibn Arabi avait mene une vie hautement riche en litterature soufi e consignee dans un corpus d'ouvrages captivants, repris par toute une cohorte d'eminents islamologues orientalistes ; en premier lieu le pretre catholique espagnol Miguel Asin Palacios (1871-1944), Rene Guenon (1886-1951), Henry Corbin, Maurice Gloton, et d'autres orientalistes.
A novel simian immunodeficiency virus isolated from a Schmidt's guenon (Cercopithecus ascanius schmidti).
Sherrard's theological work can be situated as both a neo-patristic ressourcement theology and as a type of unremitting antiscientism inspired in great part by the French metaphysician and convert from Catholicism to Islamic Sufism, Rene Guenon (1886-1951).
A term used here in the sense in which Guenon used it to mean "an entire mental outlook .