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, guerilla
Botany a form of vegetative spread in which the advance is from several individual rhizomes or stolons growing rapidly away from the centre, as in some clovers.



the term applied to partisan warfare in Spain and the Latin American countries. The best known is the Spanish guerrilla of the Spanish Revolution of 1808-14, which united the liberation struggle of the Spanish people against the French occupation with the struggle against feudalism.

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The bank's Advanced Execution Services (AES) team had developed Guerrilla 2012 for clients trading in the Asia Pacific equity markets.
For example, in our interview with local cadres in Wenzhou region, a vast number of our interviewees, from village heads to township cadres, are sons, nephews, and other blood relatives of their guerrilla predecessors.
In the book, we particularly focus on the guerrilla gardeners who plant edible crops, investigating the reasons why they get involved - for some, it is more 'naughtiness' than the wider public health benefits that could result.
aid for its war against the Marxist guerrillas, the right-wing paramilitaries, and of course the drug industry.
Perez developed his force into an 800-strong army that drove most guerrilla units into Catatumbo's mountainous west.
Sony Computer Entertainment today announced that it has acquired leading developer Guerrilla Games to further expand its development capability as part of Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS).
The forms from "Digital Guerrilla Marketing" and "It's Your People .
All the death and destruction in Aceh Province from the tsunami only briefly stopped another destructive force: guerrilla warfare.
As the guerrilla war against Iraqi insurgents intensifies, American soldiers have begun wrapping entire villages in barbed wire," reported the December 6 New York Times.
As a young reporter, recently hired by veteran Canadian journalist Larry Henderson, editor of Toronto's Catholic Register, I witnessed that guerrilla warfare up close on numerous fronts.
For example, one chapter outlines 15 things the media hate and then explains in its Guerrilla Intelligence box that (whisper)--they love receiving free food.