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Historical development of guidance and counseling and implications for the future.
Paper presented at the Annual Forum on the State of Guidance and Counseling in San Diego County School Districts, University of San Diego, CA.
The American School Counselor Association (ASCA, 1997) clearly supports a comprehensive guidance and counseling orientation through its policy statement, the publication of the National Standards for School Counseling Programs (Campbell & Dahir, 1997), and the ASCA National Model (ASCA, 2003).
School reform in China opened the door to the development of career guidance and counseling.
Career guidance teachers are not trained sufficiently in career guidance and counseling, both in terms of theory and practice.
The second period saw the growth of guidance and counseling services in public and private high schools-first in Manila and later in the provinces.
The Vocational Education Act Amendments of 1968 granted funds to support career guidance programs responding to the needs of disadvantaged students and people with disabilities, extending guidance and counseling career service to elementary schools (Herr, 2003).
Career development theories and their implications for high school career guidance and counseling.
Then a sampling of empirical studies that provide evidence of the impact of guidance and counseling programs is presented.
Indeed, decision theory was long ago proposed as a frame of reference for career guidance and counseling (Gelatt, 1962; Jepsen & Dilley, 1974; Katz, 1966; Pitz & Harren, 1980).
Although coming from different counties, both focus groups were from the same southeastern state, which may be indicative of this state being more or less progressive in its legislative conceptualization of guidance and counseling in the high school setting, therefore, potentially influencing the job duties of school counselors.
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