gum arabic

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gum arabic

a gum exuded by certain acacia trees, esp Acacia senegal: used in the manufacture of ink, food thickeners, pills, emulsifiers, etc.

Gum Arabic


a hard, transparent substance secreted by various species of acacia; a viscous fluid that hardens in air and dissolves in water, forming a gluey, slightly acidic solution. Gum arabic was formerly used in many branches of industry as an adhesive, but it is losing its importance increasingly with the development of polymer production.

gum arabic

[′gəm ′ar·ə·bik]
A water-soluble gum obtained from acacia trees in Africa and Australia; produced commercially as a white powder; used in the manufacture of inks and adhesives, in textile finishing, and as the principal binder in watercolor and gouache. Also known as acacia gum; gum Kordofan; gum Senegal.

gum arabic, acacia, gum acacia

A white, powdery, water-soluble gum, extracted from certain acacia trees; used in the manufacture of adhesives and transparent paints.
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A worldwide shortage in gum arabic has led speciality ingredient manufacturer Cerestar Food & Pharma Specialities Europe to market a cost effective, starch-based alternative.
The supply of the total C*EmCap range is regular, offering the economic advantage over gum arabic of being less susceptible to price fluctuations due to outside influences.
It costs 20% less than gum arabic and is not subject to supply chain constraints as it is manufactured in the U.
Global speciality starch suppliers, National Starch & Chemical, Prestbury Court, Greencourts Business Park, 333 Styal Road, Manchester, tel:0161 435 3200, have extended their range of encapsulating starches with the launch of Capsul TA, a cost-effective non-GM alternative to gum arabic which allows for significant improvements in process efficiency and product quality over traditional encapsulation systems.
He noted that the program was accompanied by faltering in the stability of the exchange rate of national currency and increase in prices of some cash exports such as sesame, cotton and gum Arabic, stressing on the necessity to increase production in the main four cash commodities (cotton, minerals, gum Arabic and livestock), besides settling some industries such as medicines, vegetable oils, petrol materials such as gasoline gas and furnace till that the Sudanese economy achieve recovery.
New ingredient delivers functionality of gum arabic with reliable pricing and supply, and potential cost savings of 25 percent
September 3, 2008 (KHARTOUM) eIf The board of directors for the Gum Arabic company in Sudan suspended two of its executives while they undergo investigations for corruption charges.
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Khartoum, June 22 (SUNA)- The Secretary General of the Gum Arabic Council, Dr.
Khartoum, June 9 (SUNA)- Vice - President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, has given A directive for establishing a fund to support the production of gum arabic, stressing the importance of working out an integrated vision on the production, marketing and funding of the strategic gum.
Another key application is in sports nutrition shakes, where ChiaMax(TM) Omega-3 can build viscosity, replacing hydrocolloids like gum arabic, offering a "cleaner label.
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