gum rosin

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rosin, colophony

A resin obtained as a residue in the distillation of crude turpentine from the sap of pine trees (gum rosin) or from an extract of the stumps and other parts of them (wood rosin).
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Among three types of investigated tackifiers, gum rosin exerted most severe effect on vulcanization, while petroleum and phenolic resins exhibited comparable degree of cure interference.
China has abundant pine resources, which guarantees sufficient oleoresin for gum rosin production.
Siegwerk of Germany reported in October that gum rosin prices had gone up by 40% in a few weeks, significantly raising the cost of its portfolio of publication gravure, heatset and coldset inks.
There has been significant 3Q developments in crude oil, gum rosin and pigments," Ms.
Crude oil, gum rosin and pigment intermediates are areas that Ed Pruitt, chief procurement officer for Sun Chemical, is watching closely.
The world-wide gum rosin price run-up of the past few years will not soon be forgotten," Mr.