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gum tree,

name for the eucalyptus (see myrtlemyrtle,
common name for the Myrtaceae, a family of shrubs and trees almost entirely of tropical regions, especially in America and Australia. The family is characterized by leaves (usually evergreen) containing aromatic volatile oils. Many have showy blossoms.
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) in Australia and for several other trees, e.g., the sweet gum, of the family Hamamelidaceae (witch hazelwitch hazel,
common name for some members of the Hamamelidaceae, a family of trees and shrubs found mostly in Asia. The family includes the large genus (Corylopsis) of winter hazels, and the witch hazels (genus Hamamelis), sweet gums (Liquidambar
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 family), and the black gumblack gum,
ornamental deciduous tree (Nyssa sylvatica family Nyssaceae) native to E North America. The leaves turn bright scarlet in the fall. The very tough wood was used for wheel hubs and other purposes.
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 or tupelo in North America.
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Compose then write the Koalas live in Australia in special sentence as a shared gum trees.
After fourth contact, we clambered back into our buses and enjoyed a relaxed journey back to Cairns through the extraordinary changing scenery of gum trees and scrub, then rainforest, ending with the lovely coastal road past Port Douglas and through Palm Cove to Cairns, where the inevitable post-eclipse discussions and shared experiences occupied much of the rest of the day before all the groups moved on for further adventures.
Some of the settings are clearly Australian with their gum trees while others are generalised landscapes.
Geoff said: "Llandaff, as I saw it, is a bridging point north of Swansea, on the way to the awesome Freycinet Peninsula National Park, in what were once rolling sheeplands, dotted with impressive gum trees.
Gum trees grow from eastern Texas and Missouri to Florida and northward to Michigan and Maine.
There are three gum trees that can be found in Mississippi, and all have attractive fall color.
Sustainable design: The scheme features timber reclaimed from chicken coops and furniture from naturally fallen gum trees
Sleeping up to 20 hours a day, koalas are found nestled in eucalyptus gum trees which provide them with their only source of food -- eucalyptus leaves.
Civilizations and religions of the old world later called the island "The Exalted Land" due to presence of incense, gum trees, and perfumes that added a pleasant odor to temples and palaces.
LTD should celebrate the opening of its new bus line with the planting of 300 American sweet gum trees, which, besides being exceedingly aesthetically pleasing, are also among the most carbon dioxide-absorbing trees.
He added that Australia's vegetation, such as eucalyptus and gum trees, contains flammable aromatic oils.
In the distance are Victorian colonial houses shaded from the Queensland sun by grey-green gum trees.