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a person who hunts with a rifle or shotgun



a sailor in the Russian Navy (from the early 18th century to 1917) and in several foreign navies who is specially trained to fire ship guns. There were the ranks of gunner and senior gunner.

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The gunner protection system enhances survivability by providing target acquisition capability and protection from small arms fire and improvised explosive device fragments.
Sweatt was one of those volunteers despite the rumors that the average lifespan of a gunner was about 17 seconds.
The instructors can assist units executing a BCE or I/O course for those students not in the Bradley Master Gunner Course.
Gunner Wright's commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Jon Campbell, of 12 Regiment Royal Artillery, said last night that the soldier was known as "Trigger".
The CROWS control module, which mounts inside the vehicle, is the gunner interface, allowing operation from within the vehicle's ballistic protection.
Four-time National-winning trainer Ginger McCain claimed Forest Gunner had little hope of victory due to the fact that 'women don't win Grand Nationals'.
It was presented to Gunner Terry while he was on a training exercise in Malta with the 106 (Yeomanry) Regiment Royal Artillery.
Mr Gunner and his wife, Joy, tenant farmers who rent 300 acres locally, kept their cattle in three locations near their home.
Your article on gunners ["The Big Guns," November 2003] was an excel lent overview, but omitted one notable achievement--B-52 gunners were able to help put bombs on target.
He was gunner, observer, photographer and the man who fought cantankerous radios to directed artillery shoots.
All the Lucky Ones Are Dead: An Aaron Gunner Mystery
4 million, BAE Systems will provide 3,602 Gunner Protective Kits and 799 Gunner Shield Kits for M1151 and M1114 military vehicles for U.