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Despite the array of goodies from the ocean, such as sea bass, sea bream, mahi-mahi and monkfish, Asda's fresh fish kebabs, made of cod, haddock or gurnard for 50p a piece are poised to be bestsellers.
Byline: DAVID POWELL Gwynt y Mor (main), what bombs may look like (left), red gurnard (above) and wreckage of Resurgam (right)
From Gurnard, the intrepid can walk off lunch by taking the coastal path to Thorness one way or Cowes the other.
Don Gurnard (Wenatchee City Council): Once we started down this path and knew we were going to make a change, we wanted to make sure it's done in a relatively quick fashion, but we didn't want to leave anything untouched, unthought or unquestioned.
RED GURNARD - a striking-looking fish with firm flesh which is similar to red mullet but with a subtler taste.
Nicky Woods, pictured, will be demonstrating how easy it is to prepare sustainable species such as gurnard, sardines and poulting at a demo in Cardiff Bay on Friday, August 23.
As I stepped into Gurnard Village hall the following morning I don't know whose face was longer, mine or that of artist Chris Gillies.
The MCS's pledge cards will be given to customers with their bill, highlighting the restaurant's commitment to promoting sustainable species such as dab, gurnard and pouting rather than using over-fished species such as cod.
Yesterday police searched a wooden chalet in Gurnard, near Cowes, Isle of Wight, close to where Damien lived and went missing.
Situated near Cowes in the north of the island, Gurnard Pines is the ideal base from which to explore everything the area has to offer, from theme parks to historic castles, dinosaur walks to sea safaris, animal adventures to afternoon teas.
Last Sunday Graham had a party aboard and, fishing the hard ground south of the harbour, had cod to 8lb and also pollack, whiting, grey gurnard and, of course, mackerel.
The six species brought aboard were: mackerel, pouting, gurnard, pollock, ling and whiting.