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(civil engineering)
A plate that is used to strengthen truss joints.
(mining engineering)
A V-shaped cut in the face of a heading.


A plate, usually triangular in shape, used to connect two or more members, or to add strength to a framework at its joints.

gusset, gusset plate

A plate, usually triangular in shape, used to connect two or more members, or to add strength to a framework.
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The HSP-500-STG produces resealable gusseted pouches ofwidths between 100mm and 350mm.
Table 4 Moment resisting strength of Douglas-fir plywood gusseted and stapled joints.
The plastic packaging company offers a number of food-grade options for sale, including gusseted and wicketed bags for bakeries and manufacturers, as well as staple packs for fish and poultry.
Pacific Bag recently introduced its Limited Edition 12 to 16-oz Matte Brushed Finish Foil Gusseted Bags.
With production speeds of up to 200 pouches per minute, the high-performance C-1500 series pouch machine from Robert's Packaging can produce stand-up, gusseted, flat, and three or four-sided seal pouches with maximum dimensions of 12 in.
8mm split leather and Cordura[R] reinforced upper; a Cross outsole of rubber and PU for optimum traction on rough terrain; a protective-cut integral rubber rock guard; a removable PES insole; and a padded, gusseted tongue.
The new AquaFlexCan starts with the same tall, gusseted tube, which is filled in a Rovema form-fill-seal machine.
Atlanta-Whether they're touted for fashion or function, gusseted pillows have become a small but stable part of the basic bedding scene.
Tenders are invited for Polythene Film Of Lldpe Flat Bottom Seal And Gusseted Black Colour Rectangular Bag Size: 39 Inches X 29 Inches 5 Inches Gusseted Thickness 50 Microns To Is:9738/2003, And Linear Low Density Polythene As Per Is 14500/1998.
The reusable zipper for multiple uses that can also produce three sided and four sided seal pouches as well as single gusseted stand-up pouches with or without bottom seals.