gypsum block

gypsum block, gypsum tile, partition tile

1. A hollow or solid building block, fabricated of gypsum; used in a nonbearing partition; serves as a base for plastering.
2. A cast gypsum building block.
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Volumetric soil moisture sensors are further segmented into probe, TDT, and capacitance, while soil water potential sensors are further segmented into tensiometer, gypsum block, and granular matrix.
One type of gypsum block can now even be hooked up to run an automatic sprinkler system.
Gypsum blocks will tell you New technology has made an old tool for measuring soil moisture--the gypsum-block moisture sensor--more reliable than it used to be.
Gypsum blocks, which have been around for about 60 years, are simply marshmallow-like plaster of Paris cylinders that contain two electrodes.
As with other moisture sensors, it's best to put gypsum blocks in several different microclimates or soil types around your yard.
Although most gypsum blocks gradually break down and read zero after several years, they are inexpensive to replace.
Three companies are the main suppliers of gypsum blocks and related equipment in the West.
Volumes of production of gypsum blocks and plates in Russia in 2000-2006, thousand m2