gypsum plasterboard

gypsum lath, board lath, gypsum plaster-board, rock lath

A base for plaster; a sheet having a gypsum core, faced with paper, which provides a good bond for plaster; usually manufactured in 16-in. by 48-in. (40.6-cm by 121.9-cm) or 24-in. by 96-in. (61.0-cm by 243.8-cm) panels, ? or ½ in. (0.95 or 1.27 cm) thick with round or square edges.
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210 m 2 gypsum plasterboard trays in front of wooden frame outer walls, approx.
The book surveys the possibilities offered by drywall construction using gypsum plasterboard for interior spatial concepts, looking at both design and structural aspects.
Mada Gypsum already operates two gypsum plasterboard lines in Yanbu, western side of Saudi Arabia, with a combined capacity of 34 million sq m per year of gypsum boards and other related gypsum based products.
the execution area of the drywall works includes gypsum plasterboard and owa suspended ceilings, drywall in different thicknesses and fire protection requirements.
Gypsemna was the first company in the region to produce Glass Mat Gypsum Plasterboard that replaces Calcium Silicate Boards.
Wall coverings made of gypsum plasterboard EC up to the 6th floor approx.
finishing plasterboard gypsum plasterboard, m 7,00; 16.
Work: Drywall work phase 1 approximately 1 150 m 2 plasterboard wall walls approximately 1 100 m 2 gypsum plasterboard shells and walls approximately 500 m 2 separation wall as steel frame construction with cladding made of calcium silicate boards approximately 250 m 2 transparent windows in vg partition walls (up to f30) approximately 700 m 2 plasterboard ceiling approximately 1 250 m 2 band raster covers made of metal incl.
Tenders are invited for Lot 1 Drywall Lot 2 gypsum plasterboard Lot 3 dowels for insulation, Lot 4 dowels for heat insulation Lot 5 dry-gypsum plaster dry for plasterboard for construction projects "Residential building KPD 79 in the microdistrict" Bilev-3 "in Vitebsk.