gypsum plasterboard

gypsum lath, board lath, gypsum plaster-board, rock lath

A base for plaster; a sheet having a gypsum core, faced with paper, which provides a good bond for plaster; usually manufactured in 16-in. by 48-in. (40.6-cm by 121.9-cm) or 24-in. by 96-in. (61.0-cm by 243.8-cm) panels, ? or ½ in. (0.95 or 1.27 cm) thick with round or square edges.
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Contract notice: Taby new town halls, fu de 20 gypsum plasterboard partitions construction.
Mada Gypsum already operates two gypsum plasterboard lines in Yanbu, western side of Saudi Arabia, with a combined capacity of 34 million sq m per year of gypsum boards and other related gypsum based products.
Inspection and diagnosis of gypsum plasterboard walls, Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities 25(3): 172-180.
Gypsemna was the first company in the region to produce Glass Mat Gypsum Plasterboard that replaces Calcium Silicate Boards.
USG Corporation, formerly known as United States Gypsum Company, is the largest producer of gypsum plasterboard in North America, and the producer of several other homebuilding products.
Knauf has admitted that in 2006, while assuring Banner that "the difference in smell is no more than the difference between Chinese natural gypsum plasterboard and synthetic plasterboard," it actually knew that its drywall was defective and its assurances were false, the complaint states.
New Zealand's sole manufacturer of gypsum plasterboard -- A significant participant in the New Zealand steel industry -- A major producer of aggregate, cement and concrete products in New Zealand and South America -- A wood panel manufacturer with associated value adding operations -- An extruder of aluminum components for windows and doors -- A distributor of a wide ranger of building materials in New Zealand -- A substantial construction contractor in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific Islands -- A major builder of residential homes in New Zealand
The product transported on the pallets is a building material, gypsum plasterboard, and does not pose a biosecurity risk to Australia.
VINNAPAS 4800 G gives gypsum-based joint fillers outstanding tensile adhesive strength on gypsum plasterboard and jointing tapes.
Managing director Anand said Australian Boral gypsum plasterboards were used for ceilings on BPGF's ground and first floors, the lobby and passage areas with UK-imported channels and angles For the ceiling grid, Al Riyadh used top-grade Boral plasterboard vinyl panels, with galvanized iron tees and channels.
Among exhibitors concluding deals on the first day were Gypsemna, an Emirati gypsum plasterboards and drywall system manufacturer, and Stadia Qatar.