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Before you strap in for a flight, training is required, as is a gyroplane flying license, Jennings-Baker said.
There are now, however, said to be several type approved gyroplanes on the market, many of which are being used for instructional purposes.
GBA") (PINKSHEETS: GNBA), the world-wide leader in gyroplane technology, announced the introduction of the GBA ArrowHawk Gyroplane, which is shown as a full-scale model at China's premier Air Show in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.
He has flown in a powered parachute, an engineless gyroplane and helicopters of various sorts.
Since its inception twenty years ago, GBA has been involved in an extensive research program in the design, engineering, development, testing and marketing of gyroplane and gyrodyne aircraft.
As head of business development, he will play a major role in introducing the aviation industry to Groen Brothers Aviation new products, as the company expands its product line beyond the Hawk 4 gyroplane.
To date the dealer network has provided Groen Brothers Aviation with cash deposits for more than 140 Hawk 4 gyroplanes.
The strong reception, by the aerospace industry, of the Hawk Gyroplane series, and other company developments in the works, represents outstanding opportunities to alert investors to Groen Brothers Aviation's enormous growth potential.
The Hawk Gyroplanes flight characteristics and simple design combine to offer a safe, economical alternative for the rotor craft and fixed wing industries.
GBA) (OTCBB:GNBA), manufacturer of the Hawk series gyroplanes, announced today the signing of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Rolls-Royce Corporation.
GBA's national and international dealership network has placed orders, with down payments, on 148 Hawk 4 Gyroplanes, representing combined sales of $50 million.