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1. Psychol a learned behavioural response that has become associated with a particular situation, esp one frequently repeated
2. Botany Zoology the method of growth, type of existence, behaviour, or general appearance of a plant or animal
3. Crystallog short for crystal habit



an established mode of behavior whose performance by an individual in a certain situation becomes a need. Habits arise from the repeated practice of an action. In contrast to such practice, however, the decisive moment in the formation of a habit is not so much the mastering of an ability or a mode of action as it is the development of a new, functional need to practice this ability under certain conditions. An example is the alleged need to wash one’s hands before eating.

Habits are usually involuntary and for the most part unconscious. They may be the result of upbringing, but they often arise spontaneously. They may be restricted to certain situations, such as the habit of turning off a light when leaving a room, or they may characterize an individual’s overall behavior; examples are the habit of walking rapidly or of speaking softly. Habits develop in all types of activity and embrace all aspects of life. In terms of both social behavioral norms and personality formation, some habits are valuable, leading to the formation of positive character traits. Others are harmful and may develop into undesirable proclivities. Certain habits, particularly those relating to morals, may become permanent character traits.



A repetitious behavior pattern.

habit, habit of growth

The distinctive appearance and pattern of growth of a plant.
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Going 'dry' for January doesn't establish good drinking habits for when you go back to normal, just like short-term attention to farm safety won't help you be safe on farm forever.
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Duhigg wrote that O'Neill's keystone habit of safety led to unexpected changes in how things were done in Alcoa.
The present study found that bruxism was the most prevalent oral habit in the SG.
Charles Duhigg, who wrote The Power of Habit, has written that habits are essentially the brain's way of saving space and making things simpler and more efficient.
From how you get out of bed, how you shower, how you dress, how you walk, sit, and talk, how you respond to the world, how you act in front of others, and how you think - your habits determine how you move through world.
An eight-week guide to building permanent Happy Habits
An international leader in the training of sustainable behavior change, Habit Design is the only US company to be recognized at the Lima, Peru gathering of over 13,000 global finance and business leaders, which will also feature keynotes from UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, and IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde.
Like the rest of us, campers come to camp with habits they have formed--or ones they haven't yet had the chance to form--well before they ever stepped foot into camp.
Habit takes over, I make the turn onto Monaco, and the next thing I know I'm stuck in traffic and late to work again.